Artificial Grass Vs Natural Grass

Artificial Grass Vs Natural Grass

It is true that, dog is the best friend of man but they are poor at treating lawns, even though they love to play in lawn. Lawns are damaged in many ways by dogs by digging, rolling, running, and chewing and dog’s feces can spoil the good looking garden. More damage comes from dog’s urine, which contains smaller amounts of nitrogen, though not harmful, it is bad if the dog choose same place repeatedly. This is as equal as over fertilization, burning the grass roots leaving brown and dead spots. Thus, it is essential for lawn lovers, also dog lovers, to find a way to take care of and preserve their lawn and the solution is choosing dog friendly artificial grass. Other than this advantage, there are more benefits of artificial lawn, such as, eliminating weeds, conserving time, water and money, less maintenance and easy cleaning, and can enjoy beautiful view of greenery all 365 days.

Why Artificial Grass

Many customers who ask for artificial lawn are pet owners, whose natural lawn that looks worn out and patches made by pet. Installing synthetic lawns transforms your offices and houses into something beautiful for both you and your pets and prevents your house from muddy paw prints. Artificial lawns are stronger compared to natural lawns, which is difficult to dig for dogs, and no damages occurs even if pets likes to kick on the grass, roll and run. Many companies provide dog friendly artificial grass for this reason as majority of customers are pet owners. Usually, artificial grass have longer durability and is removed only if there is a major damage (less likely to happen) and this is discarded as nylon yarn. These are generally recycled but are not reused as artificial lawn and at the installation site, earth is cleared and transported to landfill and later discarded. The process of manufacturing artificial grass includes chemicals and raw materials, and no pesticides and fertilizers are required for maintenance later, which is opposite in natural grass. Artificial lawn installation is a great way to treat mole infestation, which not only restrain moles, but also repairs the damages they have made, where reseeding is impossible with tunnels and mole holes.

The Future of Artificial Grass

Both engineering systems for artificial and natural turf are improving with time. Recent advancements in artificial lawns serves environmental as well as economical needs, while watering practices are improving based on the surfaces where it is installed. Another recent improvements are in fillings with natural grass, rubber, soil and sand, where a grass seed is planted in the soil and grown later, and is grown to a height above to that of artificial grass. This results in the combination of both natural and artificial grass that feels, looks and comforts resembling the biological grass with resistance and resilience to artificial grass, but this requires both systems maintenance and is not applicable for indoor installations. Artificial lawns are made up of plastics, so one must be careful when dealing with heat as it might melt due to extreme heat, but that does not mean, you should use your garden for barbecue. You can make barbecue if you have a patio, rather than directly using it on the grass.



The Advantages of Installing Astro Turf In Sports Fields

The Advantages of Installing Astro Turf In Sports Fields

Actually Astro Turf is becoming a reputed brand in the domain of artificial grass for sports. Designed with synthetic fibers, these artificial turfs are mainly used in sports arenas for its higher durability. The nylon fibers are mainly designed with nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen compounds. It requires very minimal maintenance and you are not required to worry about the bad weather conditions. Owing to its optimal athletic qualities, it is widely used in the sports. If you are the member of school management or any club, you will find it extremely cheaper and useful for your sport ground compared to natural turfs. Today these artificial astro grasses are replacing the natural turfs in athletic fields everywhere from professional league arenas to Olympic stadiums to grade school sports field. There are many advantages associated in using this Astro Turf in athletic fields and sport arenas.

Preparation and Versatility

The Astro Turf is very versatile and it can withstand the heavy uses. After very event the natural turfs would demand for a artificial grass samplesrecovery until it is ready again for another game to be played upon. But, if consecutive sports are needed to be organised on the field, then there will be no time for recovery of turfs and this may interrupt the arrangements. The natural turfs can withstand easily a 100 hours event, but the artificial astro grass can withstand over 500 event hours and even need no recovery. So, for a multipurpose field where multiple events are required to be organised, these artificial turfs would be the best solution indeed. It demands for no recovery post events and it is ready always with the surface where events after events can be organised without hassles.

Utility in All Weather Conditions

The natural turfs tend to get muddy during heavy or moderate rainfall. Moreover, when a football match is played on rainy days, you simply need to say goodbye to the natural turfs and again you need to replant the turfs for another game on it. But, with the Astro Turf players will have a perfect field every time to enjoy their games, regardless of the weather conditions. These artificial turfs are designed to withstand any weather conditions and come with all-weather properties which make it is the perfect choice for wetter areas or playing during moderate to heavy rainy days of the year.

No Growing or Mowing Required

Another great aspect of the Astro Turf is that it requires for no mowing or growing, after installation it is ready for games and practices. The preparation time of natural turfs is very higher and it consumes huge amount of time. It also demands for significant attention and caring when the season changes. Over time certain areas of your field would wear down, leaving your field with a patchy and inconsistent look. Moreover, you also need to mow your field in every few weeks and grass trimming needs to be collected. It is also essential that you need to take proper care of your field and keep it free from damages caused by the bugs. For this you need to use chemically rich pesticides and this can spread in surroundings and seep into nearby water, making it contaminated. Apart from this watering is also necessary for natural turfs which can incur extra watering expenditures. None of these problems are associated with the artificial turfs like Astro Turf. It demands for no growing, maintenance and mowing. Simply install it also enjoy its benefits for years to come. Even during the spring when you need to take care of the natural turfs, you will be free from its maintenance. The hassles of replanting of turfs and watering it or mowing would be eliminated by simply installing the artificial grass.

These were some of the possible benefits of Astro Turf. Although there are many other benefits that are associated with these artificial turfs, but these were some benefits that are worth mentioning. However, it is suggested that to reap maximum benefits of this artificial grass you must install it professionally and ensure to entrust the installation job to someone that specializes in this field. They can help you to install the artificial turfs perfectly so that you can use it for years to come.



Make your home pet friendly with artificial grass

Make your home pet friendly with artificial grass

Switching to artificial grass from concrete floors might just be the best decision you have made in the past six months. If you own a pet, you know that you have to provide a natural environment for better thriving. But maintaining natural grass can be a difficult task. Hence, you switch to artificial grass. Pet friendly artificial grass is available in the market. Artificial grass is comparatively quite easy to maintain. And you pet will definitely prefer the grass over the concrete floor. In case of terrestrial animals, their paws are designed to run on dirt and rough surfaces not smooth floor tiles. When you provide them with grass, they will thrive even better. The artificial grass available in the market is pet friendly artificial grass. They are specifically designed for pets.

Artificial grass for commercial purpose

Artificial grass is not only for residential purpose but also for commercial purpose. Even dog day care or other pet’s day care have installed artificial grass. They have installed pet friendly artificial grass on thousands of square feet. The grass mats have been installed for taking better care of the pet. As the artificial grass is soft on their paws. And it is easy to clean and maintain. The antimicrobial feature is inhibited in to artificial grass. The antimicrobial layer protects and keeps the mat cleaner and safer and provides a better smelling environment. And the antimicrobial layer does not consist of any chemical that would be toxic or flammable or corrosive. These grasses are not toxic, they are tested several times before being launched in the market.

Water and any other liquid waste does not retain on the surface of the grass. It does not get trapped in the fibres of the grass. The grass is highly permeable. This leads to maximum drainage. Maximum drainage provides a safer, better smelling and cleaner environment. Some of the companies install a plastic grid below the grass will adds another inch to the grass. This extra inch provides the ground below the grass air to breathe. The artificial grass not only takes care of your pet but also takes care of the ground below it. Some brands even install under grass flushing system. The under grass flushing system helps the water move across the sloped floor underneath the turf. It simply helps letting any liquid waste flow without creating a puddle on the grass.

Under grass flushing system

Pet friendly artificial grass which has under grass flushing system is recommended for indoor purposes. The edges of the artificial grass are sealed with the floor and are impermeable and non-absorbing in nature. A plastic board is attached to the floor to secure the grass. A pipe is installed on the side to let the liquid flow through the floor. Water feed to the flushing system is located in the middle zone of the grass. The impermeable floor (plastic grid) is provided with 2-3% slope, so that the liquid reaches the drain easily and doesn’t form any puddle. And finally the drain is connected to the main drain so that no liquid is collected indoors. This way the under grass flushing system ensures that the grass remains puddle free and the liquid waste reaches the drain. Therefore, maintaining a better smelling environment.

There is common rumour in the market that the artificial grass increases the lead levels. But it is not true. Lead does not leach from synthetic turf fibres. Tests from different labs using the EPA approved testing are conducted on the artificial grass. And the results show that synthetic turf does not leach lead chromate. Al the standard protocols and procedures are conducted to ensure whether synthetic turd leaches lead or not. But the results concluded that synthetic turf doesn’t leach lead. Therefore, it is pet friendly artificial grass.

The pet friendly artificial grass is suitable for residential properties, veterinary facilities, commercial pet facilities and shelters, dog parks and dog runs and apartment complexes. It is used by airport pet relief areas as well. The pet relief areas in airport terminals are designed in such a way to provide indoor friendly and safe artificial grass for pets. Install pet friendly artificial grass and save yourself from the trouble of maintaining the natural one.  


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